Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

´╗┐May your days be merry and bright

Christmas memory, and we were once again overwhelmed with the responses.

Christmas Day was a favorite for me and my siblings as gifts, toys and good food was the main course. Whereas, we also sat still inside the chapel as someone preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that we Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804 must meet human needs in Jesus's name without discrimination. Let it be known that "Sally" will always be at the top of my list, for making us and 1,000 others very happy on Christmas Day way back then and to date! I wish them continued success to this Godsent organization! Merry Christmas y Feliz Navidad!

morning, it was cold and raining, and I was upset that I could not go outside and play with my BB gun. So my dad put me on one side of the room where I lay on the floor and steadied the rifle on a foot stool, and showed me a knot on the wooden baseboard at the other side of the room.

Her first sentence was: "You will put out your eye with one of those BB guns."

As a youngster growing up in , we had this family Christmas tradition. Before Christmas, we, as a family, would have a picnic at the Johnson farm south of Manor to pick out just the right cedar tree for Christmas. This would be on a Sunday afternoon after church because my Father was at his store (Robert Mueller Bro.) six days of the week. Then, after Christmas and all of the decorations had been removed and stored away for another year, we would cut up the old Christmas tree and have a wiener roast in the backyard. After 82 years, I still remember the fun we had with the tree, both before, during and after Christmas.

The music started and they began their first song. About midway through the program, one of the girls in the front row shook her head causing her halo to fall. It slid down from above her head to just in front of her face capturing her in a perfect silver frame. She made no move to push the halo away but continued to look through it and sing. She looked puzzled when people started to chuckle and then laugh as they aimed their cameras at her. The song ended and her teacher came over and lifted the halo back onto her head. The children got a standing ovation that night.

Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

"See if you can hit this knot," he said.

Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

Mary Lou GibsonAs time marches on for this 82 year old husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather, I look back to the 1940s when our late parents, Juan and Maria Santos Saldaa, along with their family of three were introduced to the wonderful Salvation Army organization, which has been in since 1928, located downtown on East Second Street.

I was relieved to find that I could still see out of that eye and asked Dad to remove the BB. He went to the kitchen and got a matchstick, which he used to fish it from my eye.

I took dead aim at the knot and pulled the trigger. To this day, I can still remember seeing the BB coming at me as it bounced off the knot. I felt a sting in my eye, and when I put my finger up my eye, I could feel the BB lodged under my lower eyelid.

A few days before Christmas, we received an invitation to a holiday program at the day care. Nick was very excited about this event and told us that his group was going to sing some special Christmas songs. The big night arrived and we settled ourselves in the school's cafeteria. There was a large crowd of parents, siblings and other relatives there. Nick's group of three year olds came out and stood in a line next to the piano. The teachers had dressed them all as angels. They wore white shoulder length smocks and had tin foil halos above their heads.

Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

Dozens and dozens some just a few paragraphs and other poignant and essay length Miu Miu Vitello Shine Satchel

Moses P. When I was seven, I asked for an air rifle for Christmas, and my dad thought that was a great idea. But my mother thought it was the worst possible idea.

Thank you for sending your stories of years past and offering others a window into the wonder of the season. We extend our holiday best to you. We hope you day is memorable and joyous. Please enjoy our offering to you.

enough to fill a week's worth of Viewpoints. So today we offer you this selection with even more online.

Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

But after much begging, along with assurances of using the safest handling of the gun, my mother relented.

Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

At Christmastime, we like to give our readers a little something special to start their day. This year we asked for you to share your favorite Miu Miu Glasses Eye

Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

Leo O. Everything was so new and different from wintry Christmases in the Midwest. Our two older boys were enrolled in a new elementary school and the youngest, Nick, was in the three year old day care program at West Day School. As I recall, this day care was attached to a church on West 12th Street.

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Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

Miu Miu Glasses Fashionista804

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