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The grant announcement kicks off the implementation of the Readiness Schools initiative, one of the primary proposals that emerged from Governor Deval Patrick's Education Action Agenda last summer. The initiative also is a key part of the Commonwealth's forthcoming application for federal "Race to the Top" education funding, which will provide more than $4 billion to states to promote education reform.

The initiative will support the establishment of three types of Readiness Schools:

those reforms to establish Advantage Schools and Alliance Schools beginning in Fall 2010.

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

the Commonwealth's leaders in education reform and innovation," he said. "I am excited to work with them and to see the vision of Readiness Schools put into action."

Readiness Schools will utilize increased flexibility and autonomy in one or more of these key areas: curriculum, budget, staffing, school schedule and calendar, and school district policies.

"The strong response to the Readiness Schools initiative shows that school districts are enthusiastic about the opportunity to use greater autonomy to improve their schools," said Governor Deval Patrick. "Readiness Schools provide powerful opportunities to promote innovation, close achievement gaps, and give students and families more choices in public education."

Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester agreed.

Advantage Schools, in which school faculty and leadership primarily will be responsible for developing the "innovation plan" and performance contract under which the school operates;

Grants were awarded to the following school districts:

They can be developed as new schools or as conversions of existing schools, and each school will operate under a performance contract that sets specific goals for student achievement and school improvement.

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

"These 16 districts are positioning themselves to be among Miu Miu Orange Bag

Boston: $36,376 to support the development of two Advantage high school conversions and a new grade 6 12 Advantage School;

Alliance Schools, in which external partners such as colleges, museums, and other organizations will play a central role in developing the innovation plan, and will be held accountable for meeting the terms of the performance contract;The grants, which are funded through the state's Targeted Assistance program, will allow districts to plan and implement strategic reforms to improve student achievement during the 2009 10 school year, and leverage Miu Miu Envelope Clutch

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

Ashburnham Westminster: $10,000 to support the development of an Advantage "school within a school" serving grades 2 5;

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

Adams Cheshire/North Adams: $10,500 to support the development of a new, two district, middle grade Advantage "virtual school" in partnership with the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

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The 16 districts will develop plans to launch up to 22 schools beginning in Fall 2010. Totaling $200,000, Miu Miu Matelasse Zip Around Wallet

the grants range from $10,000 $36,000 per district and will provide educators with the necessary resources to begin designing the new schools.

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

"These sixteen school districts have a head start on one of the most exciting education reforms in the past decade," said Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville. "By passing Readiness Schools legislation quickly, we can give these districts even more tools to work with, and provide Massachusetts with an advantage when applying for Race to the Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain Top funding."

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

´╗┐Massachusetts Awards Grants to Help School Districts Establish Readiness Schools

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

Grants Support Launch of 22 Schools in 16 Districts Across Massachusetts

Boston On June 30, The Patrick Administration announced that 16 school districts across the Commonwealth will receive grants to establish innovative, in district "Readiness Schools."

Miu Miu Bag With Stone Chain

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